The lessons I learned during almost 5 years working at Sentia ! (written 17 July 2020)

After almost 5 years Sentia Belgium, it is time for a new chapter.

I am so grateful for the wons, great memories and the big lessons. 

I share the lessons I have learned:

1. The power of a great team is one of the best experiences you can have where the total is more than the sum of the underlaying parts. The sales and architect team is one of the best teams where I have worked with and in.

2. Hire based on attitude and values and then skills. If someone does not fit your team, he/she can break the magic of the team and will be socially isolated.

3. Don't attach your selfworth to the outcome. You can not control the result, you can control the actions you take or don't take.

4. Want to attract customers ? Focus on serving instead of what's in it for me. Every person will feel and sense non verbally your intention when you are entering a meeting. And that intention is going to determine if you are going to struggle your way or be in a flow state. Otherwise be ready for giving a lot of discount.

5. Somebody's opinion is just an opinion. If you give the power to what someone is thinking about you and find that more important then what you think about yourself, you will be miserable.

6. Everything is changing. Trying to hold on what you already know and is, is recipe for failure. So reinvent yourself.

7. Work harder on yourself than on your work. Invest in yourself by reading books and listening to audiobooks/podcasts. And then you will see that you will be better at what you do at work.

8. Working 40 hours a day does not scale. The myth of hustling and grinding is a myth. If you don't get enough sleep or relax not enough, your body will stop working for you and then the party is over.

9. Don't only rely on thinking. Thinking is already what you know. Also integrate the power of intuition and creativity and you will solve the most challenging puzzles.

10. Everything is energy. Sales is transfer of energy. People feel instantly if they want to work with you and trust you or not. Focus on the things that give you energy. If things are draining your energy, search for a solution, maybe there is someone who is getting energy from your draining energy activities.

11. Be grateful and express your gratitude. It makes you focus on the positive things which will create opportunities. Complaining and whining never solved or created anything.

12. It is not about sales or marketing. Business development is part of a great collaboration of sales AND marketing. My dearest colleague Tom De Vlieger calls it SMARKETING and he is right.

13. The grass does not grow faster by pulling on it. You can push as much as you want, sometimes you have to have patience. It is better to go slow in the right direction, then fast in the wrong direction.

14. Want clarity, focus and creativity ? Spend 20 minutes in stillness in the morning and you will see what focus and clarity it will bring to your day.

I am pretty sure the list is not complete !

Thanks !